First and foremost, for security to work, everyone affected needs to be on board with a Security MINDSET. All the electronics and gadgetry available today will not keep anyone safe or anything secure if the right MINDSET is not present.

Security is a way of life and needs to be simple and effective and has to fit into existing personal habits or business operations. For example, a sophisticated alarm system is great. However, if it is too complicated to operate, is worthless. Access control can keep unauthorized people out of restricted areas. However, if garbage cans prop otherwise secure doors open, for smokers to enjoy a cigarette, the purpose is defeated. The human factor in effective security cannot be overemphasized enough.

It comes down to four elements:

  • Mindset
  • Protocols
  • Technology
  • Training

Secure Enterprises LLC provides a comprehensive set of assessment, planning and training services that can be tailored to meet the security requirements of any organization or for personal application. We provide thorough risk assessments to identify physical and operational vulnerabilities, followed up with the development of integrated security programs. Our specialists focus on helping to reduce risk from all angles, analyzing your security conditions from every aspect. Additionally, we offer continuous assessment, customized training and work closely with our clients to allocate appropriate security resources:

  • Security audits and evaluations
  • Security vulnerability analysis
  • Operational security planning
  • Security program implementation
  • Evaluation and testing
  • Adversary threat analysis
  • Red team operations
  • Red team/adversary training
  • Active shooter/killer training

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