Secure Enterprises LLC is a trusted and experienced provider of tailored short-term security services. We deliver quality-driven, professional services to safeguard personnel, infrastructure and other valuable assets and investments. Our goal is to support our clients to ensure business continuity and achieve their organizational objectives domestically or abroad.

Our professional protective security specialists are experts and trained in Israeli methods of counter-terrorism, special operations,  different weapon platforms, security strategy and analysis, medical preparedness and high-risk operations. They are capable of detecting, deterring and responding to a wide variety of security challenges in accordance with local laws.

  • Covert Protection, discrete and effective.
  • Surveillance Detection (SD), protective intelligence 
  • Escorts, close personal and executive (VIP) protection
  • Route and venue reconnaissance and clearance 
  • Security training for Executives traveling internationally 
  • Threat and risk assessments
  • Firearms training

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Protective firearms training

Continuous training is essential to stay sharp and provide most effective protection for our clients.

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