child custody


Safeguarding children’s sense of security is one of the most critical issues during and after a divorce. The top priority in any child custody dispute must be the child’s well-being. We can help verifying circumstances and record evidence needed in your custody dispute. Factors in determining child custody, whether the parents are divorced, separated or have never been married, include:

  • Emotional health and stability of the parents
  • Lifestyle and morality of the parents
  • Home environment and ability to provide for the children
  • Parenting skills, neglect, child abuse and endangerment
  • Criminal activity and complaints against a parent
  • Domestic violence 


Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I get the evidence needed, to successfully Petition for Modification of Child Custody?

A:The evidence needed is not always obvious and out in plain sight. A good Private Investigator can document and record what's going on, when seemingly no one is looking. With this evidence, your attorney can make the case

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